Self-Healing Paint Protection Film
At The Wrap Room

The installation of our paint protection films include a hand wash, paint decontamination, and clay-bar treatment.  We tuck and roll all edges where possible for the best and cleanest looking install.

Are you looking for a way to keep your vehicle’s paint looking great for years to come?

Unfortunately, the car’s exterior is exposed to a host of damaging elements every time you are out. And with time, it starts to wear out.  The good news is we can protect your vehicles paint with paint protection film.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (also know as clear bra) is an invisible, urethane wrap that adheres to a vehicle’s exterior and protects the car from potential damage. The extra durable material is applied to the painted surface of the car and acts as a shield that keeps your vehicle free of scratches, chips, and scuffs.

It can be applied to just about every surface on the car, including the fenders, bumper, mirror, trunk, ledge, and more. Developed through complex technology, PPF is an innovative solution for a damage-free vehicle.

tesla paint protection film
red tesla paint protection film
blue tesla paint protection film

Matte Paint Protection Film

audi matte front end
audi matte rear end
ford matte finish