Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle’s original paint from the elements with the paint protection film. When applied correctly, paint protection film keeps your vehicle’s original paint from fading and also keeps it looking polished and shinning even after a long time.

Besides, Paint protection film is the most effective way to prevent your vehicle from daily damages such as scratches, stone chips, and swirls caused by drying and washing.

The protection film is an advanced clear vinyl that can be applied to the entire body of your vehicle, but most commonly, the forward-facing parts like bonnets, wing mirror, front bumper, wings, and headlamps that are more susceptible to pick up chips and stone. The film is self-healing, so any scratch on it will disappear from the impact of direct sunlight.

A significant advantage of the paint protection film is that it is barely visible after installation.

Here at the wrap room, our client satisfaction is a top priority, which is why we only use carefully selected materials. Our team of highly trained experts is always ready to give your vehicle that premium look by applying the best techniques.

tesla paint protection film
red tesla paint protection film
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