Full Vehicle Wraps

From day one, The Wrap Room’s mission was to be the best color change wrap shop in the state. Our wrap services were not an afterthought. We never stop focusing on improving the quality of our full wraps.

We have gloss, matte, satin, metallic, pearlescent, color shifting or iridescent, brushed metal, carbon fiber, camouflage, and many other colors, styles, patterns and finishes. The wrap isn’t limited to the body of the vehicle either – we do plenty of work on interiors and many other places!

But unlike paint, you can remove it!

Some already may know this, but an amazing attribute of vinyl is that up to several years later you can remove the film and the original paint is preserved. The paint just needs a clean and polish and it good as new!

The Wrap Room specializes in full vehicle disassembly for the ultimate in quality.

There is no shortcut to quality.  We have the tools, skills and experience to properly disassemble any vehicle.  This is one of our unique traits in this business, as taking apart modern vehicles requires proper understanding and equipment to eliminate potential damage, especially for the high end market.  When you don’t disassemble, you end up with exposed edges and paint, peeling and other failures, and generally unsightly and short lasting installation.

When we say done right, we mean it.  Don’t trust a color change shop that doesn’t work at this level.

truck full vehicle wrap
tesla full vehicle wrap
audi full vehicle wrap
porsche full vehicle wrap
grey full vehicle wrap
blue full vehicle wrap