Wheel Powder Coating

Powder coating is needed to enhance the metallic parts of your vehicle, such as rim and wheels, to give a rustproof and robust finish while adding some aesthetic appeal.

Rims and wheels are essential parts of your vehicle that needs attention. Powder coating can also add to the overall aesthetic look of your wheels.

We can refurbish and powder coat your wheels to any color of your choice within the shortest time not exceeding 48 hours.

We can refurbish your curbed-rashed wheels or powder coat to almost any color of your choice.  Powder coating your wheels can add to the overall look of your vehicle to give it more of a custom feel.
We offer full service including mount & balance so you do not have to worry about removing the wheels or tires on your own.
before after powder coating wheel
black powder coating audi wheel
black powder coating tesla wheel
gold powder coating wheel