Ceramic Coating

Have you been wondering how some vehicles have been able to retain that showroom look even after years of purchase? The answer is Ceramic coating.

Asides the fact that ceramic coating helps your vehicle retain its new and polished look, it also protects the exterior from chips, swirl marks, stains, and so on.  Therefore, Ceramic coating offers polished look retention as well as exterior part protection.

Ceramic coating is a liquid coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle by hand. This coating bonds chemically with the paint on your vehicle to create a protective layer.

Ceramic coating does not need to be reapplied after every few months because it forms a permanent or semipermanent bond with the vehicle’s paint. This means it doesn’t wash away.

What you enjoy from ceramic coating

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • UV & Temperature resistant
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 750°C)
  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)
  • Anti-Graffiti / fouling

Your car is your pride, this is why it needs special attention. The only way you can show proper care to your car is by leaving it to experts like us.

Here at the wrap room, we treat all our customer’s vehicles with top priority. We only use the best materials in order to produce the best result that will satisfy you.

Our reputation precedes us, and we are known to be the best company to handle your vehicle protection.

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